Food Sanitation

Food Sanitation Program

  • Food establishment inspections
  • Food establishment plan reviews and consultation
  • Food Service Sanitation Manager certification and re-certification
  • Educational programs
  • Foodborne illness complaints and illness investigations

Food Service Establishment Inspection Scores

Food Class Information

General CFPM Information

In-Person 8 Hour Food Class Registration Form (None scheduled at this time)

Online 8 Hour Food Protection Manager Course for Illinois Certification

Online 3 Hour Food Handler’s Course Approved for Illinois Certification

Online Allergen Class Information

Food Ordinance Information

Pike County Food Sanitation Program Ordinance

Pike County Food Enforcement Policy & Procedure

License Classifications For Establishments And Temporary Events

Food License Guide And Application Packet-Printable Application

Food License Guide and Application-Online Application


Cottage Food Information

Application For Cottage Food License-Printable Application

Application for Cottage Food License-Online Application

Homeowner Checklist for Cottage Food Operations

Cottage Food Operation Rules and Regulations

Food Safety Plan For Acidified and Fermented Foods


Temporary Food Event Information

Temporary Event License Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Festival Coordinator Information And Application-Printable Application

Temporary/Seasonal Food License Application-Printable Application

Temporary/Seasonal Food License Application-Online Application

Temporary Food Service Guidelines Information Sheet

Bake Sales as Fundraisers


General Food Information and Restaurant Signage

Residential Boil Order Operation Procedures

Food Establishment Boil Order Operation Procedures

Consumer Advisory (Undercooked meat, poultry, eggs & seafood)

Selling eggs

Hand Washing Sign

Allergen Advisory Sign

Choking Signage

Smoke Free Illinois Act

Food Recalls

The Partnership for Food Safety Education