Emergency Management


PCEMA is the acronym for Pike County Emergency Management Agency.  In January of 2011, Pike County ESDA (Emergency Services Disaster Agency) was changed to PCEMA to better define the purpose of the agency.


The purpose of PCEMA is to organize and coordinate the countywide preparedness efforts along with response to and the recovery from any disaster or declared emergency within Pike County upon the request by local elected officials.  In addition, PCEMA will develop and aid in the emergency planning and preparedness process, and will seek to mitigate all known threats whenever possible.  Included in this effort is the development, incorporation and implementation of a Pike County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).  This plan addresses the County’s response to extraordinary emergency situations associated with disasters from a natural or man-made cause.  PCEMA vows to maintain the highest state of readiness to save lives, protect property and preserve government operations to the best of its ability.  There are several internal functions that PCEMA operates on a day to day basis that help make this goal possible and allows residents and responders in each community to have input and assistance to this to make themselves more prepared and ready.



PCEMA is responsible for providing a county-wide emergency management system that will integrate all available first responders from all disciplines and their respective departments and resources, key elected officials and the private sector into a cohesive disaster management team.  Under the direction of the Pike County Board Chairman, PCEMA is responsible for planning and preparedness necessary to coordinate the elements of an effective emergency management program to better serve the residents and communities of Pike County.



It is the goal of PCEMA to ensure that Pike County has the ability to respond to incidents requiring multi-disciplinary response of first responders through the process of planning and exercising.  PCEMA strives to build resources available in Pike County for operations to maintain and be self sufficient to the best of out ability.  In the event that outside resources are needed to be brought in to maintain a healthy and safe living environment and operations Pike County has to first be capable of maintaining this state for an unknown time until that outside help can arrive.  Pike County residents deserve the ability to have a safe place to live and know that in the time of a disaster will be well taken care of.



PCEMA understands that all the goals and requirements set forth by the organization is impossible to do alone and relies on key partners from throughout the county, state, and nation to help achieve these goals.  Some of the key partnerships that PCEMA relies on tom maintain a complete state of readiness include: Pike County Sheriff’s Department, The Pike County Health Department, The Pike County Highway Department, Pike County Coroner’s Office, Pike County 911, Pike County Ambulance Service, Pike County Volunteer Emergency Corps, All Pike County Volunteer Fire Departments, IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), American Red Cross, Salvation Army



Joshua Martin, Director

Office Phone: 217-285-5550

Fax Number: 217-285-4496

Email: martin.ema@pikecountyil.org



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