State’s Attorney’s Office

Pike County State’s Attorney’s Office

Pike County State’s Attorney Zachary Boren is the prosecutor for the County, and also advises the County on administrative legal matters. He and his staff are committed to ensuring the efficient administration of justice, and to working with all County departments on administrative issues.

Assistant State’s Attorney Leecia Carnes handles traffic and juvenile court, and also assists on most criminal cases.

Victim/Witness Coordinator Molly Caughlan provides services to violent crime victims, witnesses, and family members.
Victim Witness Coordinator Pike County Courthouse Phone 217-285-4808

Under Illinois statute, the State’s Attorney is prohibited from engaging in the private practice of law, therefore the State’s Attorney and his staff cannot give legal advice.


For information regarding attorneys in Pike County:

  1. Ronald K. Hoskin – 217-285-4822
  2. Thomas Henderson – 217-285-9676
  3. Michael Hollahan – 217-285-5593
  4. Keisha Morris – 217-491-0441
  5. David Shaw – 217-285-2772
  6. Walker Filbert – 217-371-0636

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