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Welcome to the Pike County, Illinois website. You will find information and links on this website regarding Pike County Government Agencies and Officials, Elections, Property and Roadway Planning, Community Development, Permits, Law and Courts, Emergency Management, the Health Department, Food and Restaurants, Recycling and other Online Services.

We have a commitment to accessibility and community spirit. This means Pike County will strive to continually work to provide the newest information here in a public venue.

County Board

IMG_8365-2Your elected county board is proud to serve you and has produced tremendous results.

The Pike County Board is made up of nine elected officials. Most of the government offices are located either in our historic Pike County Courthouse at 100 Washington Street in Pittsfield or in the new Pike County Government Building across the street at 121 E. Washington. Our regularly scheduled meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month at the Pike County Courthouse. The Building & Grounds, Finance, Technology and Highway committee meetings occur at various times during the month.  

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