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County Oil & Chip Project

A 50-mile oil and chip project on county highways will begin August 15th and is expected to continue for approximately 2 weeks, weather permitting.   Please use caution and expect delays.   Check for daily updates here, on our FaceBook page,, or call (217) 285-4364.


Projected order of construction:


CH-5 from Perry to CH-21

CH-2 from IL 106 to Baylis

CH-4 from El Dara to CH-1

CH-13 from IL-96 to approximately 1 mile East of IL-96

CH-13 from 1.3 miles West of El Dara to IL-106

CH-8 from CH-7 to Milton (2 days)

CH-11 from Pittsfield to 205th Ave North of Martinsburg

CH-11 from Martinsburg to Pleasant Hill

CH-10 from Nebo to Pearl